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Information for Graduate Students

The College of Engineering offers assistance to graduate students for internship positions and job search, resume and interviewing skills. Please come to the Co-op Office, located in room 242 of Nedderman Hall.
Additional methods for graduate students to investigate internship and part-time work experiences include.

  • HIREANENGINEER: All engineering positions are listed on our website
  • SNAPJOBS: On-campus positions posted at
  • Faculty: Some faculty members receive direct contact from companies about job openings.
  • Professional Student Organizations: Some companies contact engineering student organizations when they are seeking specific student populations and interest areas.
  • Engineering Career Fairs: A variety of companies attend spring and fall events to recruit for full time, coop and internship positions.
  • Company Websites: Many companies list their internship opportunities only on their websites. After making a determination about specific companies that you have an interest in, research and apply for their internship opportunities using their website.
  • The College of Engineering has purchased access to this website which lists companies who have sponsored F1 International students. Requests for access to this site can be sent to