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From big to small, throughout the year there are a variety of university events and traditions that make UT Arlington an enriching place to spend your free time.

UTA offers every student an opportunity to experience college in the most exciting and captivating way possible. With shows from live bands and artists at events such as Campus Limits Music Festival, students are entertained to the fullest. Our university ensures complete shock and awe with insanely popular parties, such as the BASH or Foam Party, and keeps you guessing with new events every year. The traditions that come with each season like Bed Races and Halloween Casino Night help to mark the rhythm of the school year.

These diverse programs become an essential part of the culture on campus because they are planned and implemented by students for students. EXCEL Campus Activities functions as the students' voice for campus programming. Learn how you can get involved by becoming a member of EXCEL.

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2018-2019 Calendar

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