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Getting Involved

Any student in good standing at the university is eligible to apply for admission to the organization. We welcome members who have a diversity of interests, talents, and who represent the various majors and disciplines from across campus. Once selected to join, a new member attends an orientation session designed to meet their fellow members and understand their role and responsibility.

When you join EXCEL, you are assigned to one of five standing committees:

This serves as the member’s individual home committee and is where most of EXCEL’s event planning and decision making gets done! The member is responsible for attending his or her weekly committee meetings as well as the weekly General Body meeting.

It’s not all work and no play around our office though! Any of our members who you can find diligently discussing, planning and promoting their next event in the offices down in the lower level of the UC will also attest to the fact that EXCEL is a source of fun, friendship, campus pride, and personal growth.

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