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UT Arlington's largest scholarship program for new students is administered through UT Arlington's Scholarship Office.  We are currently in the final stages of a top-to-bottom review of our general merit-based scholarships and we hope to announce our new 2017-2018 scholarship program soon.

Because merit-based scholarships are so important to our students, we want to make sure our new program is responsive to the needs of our students and their families by rewarding academic excellence and improving access to college.

As soon as deadlines, criteria, and amounts for our 2017-2018 scholarship program have been finalized, they will be updated right here on our website.

To get a head start on the scholarship process, you should begin your admissions application now.  Scholarship consideration requires admission.  Apply early to insure inclusion in the scholarshp pool.

In addition, it's helpful to continue to build your relationship with your admissions counselor.  Your admissions counselor can help you navigate the admissions process and can keep you updated on any new scholarship processes.


UT Arlington also offers many additional scholarship opportunities campus wide - some additional opportunities from the Scholarship Office and many from the academic and non-academic departments.

"So many scholarships, so little time" will no longer slow down your scholarship search at UT Arlington.  With our new MavScholarShop tool, all you need is a few minutes to take advantage of our one-stop-shop online scholarship management system available to new and current students alike.  Take a look at all the scholarships UT Arlington has to offer at the MavScholarShop.

By completing one general application, you will be automatically matched to most scholarship opportunities across campus for which you qualify.  The MavScholarShop tool will also present you with other University scholarships that may require additional information.

For instance, some scholarships may require essays or letters of recommendation.  MavScholarShop will provide you with a user-friendly option to attach these documents to complete your MavScholarShop general application.

Get started on your scholarship search now.  It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!

  1. Get admitted. You must be officially admitted as a new student or a current UT Arlington student to complete the MavScholarShop general application.
  2. Log in.  Log in to MavScholarShop using your Net ID and password.
  3. Meet your matches.  Once you log in, MavScholarShop syncs with your MyMav account.  You are automatically matched with scholarship opportunities for which you meet the criteria and also with additional scholarships that may be available to you if you provide additional information.
  4. Follow up.  Scholarship deadlines vary, so log in often to see if you qualify for additional scholarships as they become available and also to check the status of pending scholarships.

Complete your MavScholarShop General Application now!