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Residence Hall Application Policies For Fall/Spring 2018-2019 Contract Period

Assignment Priorities:

To provide reasonable consideration to current residents who want to return to the residence halls and to extend opportunities to new housing applicants, available residence hall bed spaces shall be assigned to residence hall applicants based on the following priorities. 

Priority One Applicant Status: First Time Incoming First Year Students only will be able to contract for the West Campus Residence Hall between November 2017 and February 2018.

 Priority Two Applicant Status:  Current residence hall residents will be able to RE-CONTRACT on February 20 through February 23, 2018.  Re-contracting priority is as follows: 

  • February 20, 2018 - Re-contract for the same hall, same room (if available).
  • February 21, 2018 - Brazos House residents re-contract for any available space.  
  • February 22 - 23, 2018 - Re-contract for any hall, any room (if available) or apply for a space at the Heights on Pecan or Timber Brook or The Lofts. 

Existing residents must be current in the payment of all housing and meal plan charges to be eligible to re-contract for a space for the Fall/Spring 2017-2018 contract period.  

Priority Three Applicant Status:  All First Time Incoming First Year Students who apply for West Campus Residence Hall.

  • Contract offers for priority three applicants may be issued as early as March 2018.

Priority Four Applicant Status:  All residence hall applicants.

  • Contract offers for priority three applicants may be issued as early as March 2018.

In all instances, assignment to available bed spaces shall be offered on a first-come, first-served basis according to applicant’s priority status as noted above, then according to applicant’s residence hall application date.

 The following policies shall also apply:

  1. Housing Eligibility:  Application for housing is separate from application to the University of Texas at Arlington.  Acceptance as a student is acknowledged only through the Office of Admissions and is not a prerequisite for applying for housing; however, applicants must be accepted for admission to the University prior to a residence hall assignment being offered. 
  2. Enrollment Requirement:  Residents must maintain enrollment in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester to be eligible to reside in the residence halls.
  3. Early Application Encouraged:  To increase the likelihood of being offered available housing, early residence hall application is encouraged.
  4. Limited Availability and Contingency Plans:  Available residence hall bed spaces are limited.  In addition, the University reserves the right to further limit the number of bed spaces available to returning residents to provide opportunities for other applicants.  For these reasons, residence hall applicants are encouraged to develop contingency plans in the event a residence hall bed is not available.  In this instance, early application for alternate apartment accommodations is encouraged. 
  5. Accommodation Preferences:  The assignment priorities of the Housing Office are first to offer available bed spaces on campus and second to try to accommodate room type and hall preferences as noted on the application.  As reservations are confirmed, housing options will become more limited.  Applicants are encouraged to list multiple room type and hall preferences to increase the likelihood of being offered available housing.
  6. Application Expiration:  An applicant, who does not receive an offer before the start of the semester may come to the Housing Office on the First Day of Classes between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. to indicate continued interest in any beds which become available throughout the semester.   Generally, a few bed spaces become available on the First Day of Classes each year because of last minute cancellations. 
  7. Offer of Housing Property:  Offers for residence halls are made by email.  Applicants are contacted via their UT Arlington email account. Applicants are responsible for checking their email daily. Applicants are responsible for immediately updating their Personal Contact Details on line,  if there is any change to their phone number, email address, or mailing address.  Applicants are encouraged to sign up for text alerts to enhance the notification process.  To receive notification via text messaging, text UTAHOUSING to 292929.  
  8. Acceptance of Offer: To accept an offer, the applicant must respond promptly and without delay.  The appropriate leasing personnel must receive the required documents and monetary consideration as stated in the offer, or the offer will be considered void.  Occupancy is not guaranteed until a $150 residence hall deposit and the required prepayment or proof of financial aid award has been received with all required documents by the dates outlined in the contract offer.   
  9. Special Conditions - Changing Accommodation Preferences:  After submitting an initial application, some applicants may consider changing their accommodation preferences.  Requesting to change your residence hall preferences is allowed up until a contract offer is made. 
  10. Special Conditions – Consolidation: The University reserves the right to consolidate vacancies and close all or part of Residence Halls. You may choose any available bed space within the building during the Room Self Selection Process. However, in the event a building is scheduled to open with a significant number of vacancies, you may be reassigned and consolidated to the lower floors of the building at move-in.
  11. Special Conditions - Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Many properties are already accessible for students with disabilities. If you have special needs because of a disability, you must note this on your application and contact the Office for Students with Disabilities 817-272-3364.  You may also visit for more information. Special requests should be made as soon as possible. Major alterations may require 4-6 weeks for completion.
  12. Policies Subject to Change:  The University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to make exceptions and changes to the assignment priorities and policies without prior notice and without compensation to applicants waiting for assignment to university housing.
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