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Request to Cancel Residence Hall Contract

Before cancelling your contract, please review the following Terms and Conditions that corresponds to the Contract you are requesting to cancel for information regarding cancellations, refunds and procedures: 

Residence Hall Terms & Conditions

Once you have filled out the Request to Cancel Residence Hall Contract, contact your RA to set up a check-out appointment. Note: If you are cancelling for a future term and have not yet moved in, you do not need to schedule a check-out appointment.

Please note that your residence hall contract is binding for the entire Academic Year (Fall and Spring Semesters). Cancelling your Residence Hall Contract early will result in a Contract Cancellation Charge equivalent to 100% of the remaining housing charges through the Spring Semester. Academic and military exceptions for early termination are noted in Section 5 of the Residence Hall Contract Terms and Conditions.  For more information on cancellations, refunds, and amounts owed, see Section 5 of the Residence Hall Contract Terms and Conditions.


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