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Ray Elliott

A. Raymond Elliott

Section Head of Spanish
Associate Professor

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Catherine Ortiz

Catherine Ortiz

Lower Level Spanish Coordinator
Senior Lecturer

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Spanish Language


Welcome to the Spanish Section!

Welcome to the Spanish Section of the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Texas at Arlington!

Our mission is to promote the study of the Spanish language and the diverse literatures and cultures of the Spanish-Speaking world. Whether it be through language classes, or more advanced linguistics or literature courses, we train our students to master language skills through an immersion in all aspects of culture.

Apart from language instruction, in any given semester students will find advanced courses on topics as diverse and as important as bilingualism in Latin America, Mexican literature and culture, translation, human rights and the history of the Spanish language. Our Research Faculty is comprised of Professors with doctorates in literature and linguistics who stay current with the latest research in their fields without compromising their passionate commitment to teaching at UTA.The excellence in teaching does not stop with this faculty-the adjuncts and instructors in the Spanish section are dynamic, creative, and caring teachers.

Our innovative curriculum is designed with care to maximize the success of both language learners and the large number of heritage speakers of Spanish who grew up with Spanish at home and who take Spanish classes at UTA. Moreover, the Spanish section serves the needs of International Business Majors with our two advanced courses in Spanish for Business.