International Business


Political and economic changes during the past decade have placed new demands on businesses worldwide. The increasingly complex international environment requires that successful managers understand not only how business works domestically but also how it works on a global scale. UT Arlington is one of a handful of institutions that offer a unique degree program with a dual concentration in international business and a foreign language. Six languages are currently being offered.

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  • International Business - Chinese - BBA
  • International Business - French - BBA
  • International Business - German - BBA
  • International Business - Korean - BBA
  • International Business - Russian - BBA
  • International Business - Spanish - BBA


What Will I Learn?

  • The relationship of culture and language to issues affecting business and e-commerce
  • A conversational level of listening, speaking, reading and writing in your chosen language
  • A broad knowledge of cultural contexts through the study of literature, film, popular culture, music, and history
  • Effective cross-cultural communication skills for an international business environment


Example Courses

  • Beginning Language Practice
  • Intermediate Language Practice
  • Conversation and Culture
  • The Culture of Business
  • Business German, Business French, Business Spanish, etc.
  • Contemporary Culture

All Major Courses


Career Opportunities

  • Marketing manager
  • Import/export coordinator
  • Language services specialist
  • Human resources manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Trade specialist



1st year


5th year


10th year

* Texas median earnings, according to SeekUT (2017)


The business field of study components changed effective Fall 2019. Please check with your advisor if you have questions about which catalog year is more appropriate for you.

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