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Welcome to the Goolsby Leadership Academy

Leadership cannot be defined by one characteristic or quality. It is a mix of values, competencies, character, skills, behavior and perspectives earned through a lifetime of self-investment and uncommon commitment. Leadership is a journey upon which few people embark.

The Goolsby Leadership Academy at The University of Texas at Arlington was founded on the principle that people become great leaders when they discover, understand and apply their own talents. Tomorrow’s leaders will succeed not by fixating on weakness or imitating others, but by exploring and nurturing their distinctive strengths.

The Goolsby Leadership Academy invigorates conventional learning with an approach based on leadership principles, challenging students to be problem solvers and ethical leaders. Goolsby Scholars engage with executives both in the classroom and the real world through internships, exploratory study and special projects. Distinguished faculty collaborate with the scholars in a dynamic applied learning environment, enhancing the academic experience of discovery. The Academy is designed to be a regional cornerstone for the development of emerging business executives.

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