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The Goolsby Leadership Academy invigorates conventional learning by challenging students to be problem solvers and ethical leaders. Goolsby Scholars engage with executives both in the classroom and the real world through internships, exploratory study, and special projects. Distinguished faculty collaborate with the scholars in a dynamic applied learning environment, enhancing the academic experience of discovery. The Academy is a regional launching pad for emerging business executives.

Goolsby Scholars dedicate themselves to hard work and excellence. The knowledge and experience they gain are as valuable in the business world as is their lifelong commitment to integrity, courage and making a positive impact — the ideals that shape the Goolsby Leadership Academy.

The Goolsby Leadership Academy positively transforms a select group of undergraduate students using international exposure and rigorous instruction that include:

  • Developing innate leadership skills
  • Management and decision making
  • Emotional competence and motivation
  • Ethics, personal integrity, and character development
  • Goal setting and self-measurement
  • Performance measurement
  • Group dynamics and team building
  • Encouraging students to stretch and grow


Meet the Scholars of the Goolsby Leadership Academy

Hong Duong Goolsby Cohorts

Hong Duong
Major: Finance

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