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The Center for Innovation and Digital Transformation (CIDT) is the bridge between businesses and digital innovation. We help organizations identify innovations that provide business value. CIDT support organizations in a variety of ways such as certificate programs, internships, and mutually beneficial research.

Mission Statement:

To help organizations pursue excellence through digital transformation.

Friend Circle

The Friend Circle is a subset of our Advisory Board that is committed to the growth and success of the Business Analytics Program at the University of Texas at Arlington. They are affiliated with the annual Business Analytics Symposium and have the opportunity to engage with faculty and students. We appreciate the financial support and time commitment of our Friends to ensure the success of our programs. For more information about the Friend Circle, please contact us at

  • Accenture Digital – Ashok Nayak - Managing Director, Applied Intelligence
  • AFLAC – Heather Avery, PhD – Vice President, Customer Analytics and Infrastructure
  • ALCON - David R. Nutchey - Director, Commercial Data & Analytics
  • Christus Health – Lauren Bui - Vice President, Enterprise Data Architecture & Information Management
  • INFOSYS - Ramesh Chougule – Partner/Managing Director

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5th annual analytics symposium

5th Annual Analytics Symposium

4th Annual Analytics Symposium

MS BA Capstone Projects

Master of Science Business Analytics students are required to complete a business analytics capstone project in their last semester. Projects are based on real-world data provided by companies. We welcome participation from firms from any industry. Student teams will analyze applicable data sets which will help you make informed decisions, key to your business success. Dr. Sridhar Nerur oversees all projects. Contact:

  • Examples of previous projects include the following:
  • Sentiment analysis of social media content (positive, negative or neutral)
  • Stock Market prediction based on time-series modelling
  • Text analysis of product/business reviews and how they impact performance
  • Predicting house prices based on historical data
  • Building a recommender system for movies
  • Predicting customer churn and recommending solutions to avoid this
  • Text analysis of blogs to identify common trends

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Over 100 companies nationwide have hired our students as interns.

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