Resilience. Integrity. Selflessness. Excellence.

RISE Academy provides College of Business (COB) students from underrepresented demographics an opportunity to get a jumpstart on their future careers. Embark on your college journey with RISE Academy, a professional development program focused on getting you “career ready.” Tailored for growth-minded COB students, this program is a gateway to shaping your future. Immerse yourself in a unique opportunity to cultivate leadership and professional skills through hands-on experiences, connect with faculty scholars and engage with diverse employer partners, including c-suite executives, professional leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Throughout this exciting journey, you’ll learn to embrace the values of resilience, integrity, selflessness, and excellence, preparing you for the challenges and opportunities you might encounter beyond your time at UTA.

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  1. Business or Business-Intended with Full-Time Enrollment Status: Participants must maintain full-time enrollment status at the university. This program is specifically designed for undergraduate students pursuing business-related majors. 
  2. Good Academic Standing: With no minimum GPA, applicants must be in good academic standing with the university and College of Business.
  3. Growth Mindset:The RISE Academy seeks students who demonstrate strong leadership potential and a commitment to personal and professional growth. While prior leadership experience is not a requirement, applicants should showcase their willingness to develop leadership skills and contribute positively to their community. 
  4. Application Process: Interested students must complete the program's application form, which typically includes providing personal information, academic details, and responses to 6 short-answer prompts.  
  5. Letters of Recommendation:On the application, students will be asked to provide contact information for 2 (two) professors, coaches, or mentors to complete a recommendation form.  
  6. Panel Interview: Selected applicants will be invited to an interview during the application process. The interview allows the program coordinators to assess the candidates' communication skills, motivation, and alignment with the program's objectives. 
  7. Commitment and Availability: Accepted participants are expected to fully commit to the program's requirements, including attending all scheduled sessions, workshops, and events. They should also be available to participate actively in mentorship, volunteering, and projects. 

Though we encourage underrepresented minorities to apply, everyone is welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other status covered by applicable law.

  1. Enhance Your Global Perspective: Broaden your worldview through international study experiences that will help you understand and appreciate diverse cultures. 
  2. Unlock Scholarship Opportunities: Access financial support to make your academic journey more affordable and attainable. 
  3. Build Valuable Mentorship: Establish meaningful connections with our diverse mentorship partners who can guide and support your personal and professional growth. 
  4. Earn the MDIO Certificate: Graduate with an additional credential in Managing Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations (MDIO), which is highly valuable in today's diverse work environments. 
  5. Develop Leadership and Professional Skills: Cultivate essential skills to excel in leadership roles and the professional world, equipping you for success. 
  6. Earn the Maverick Advantage Distinction: Distinguish yourself as a Maverick Advantage recipient, showcasing your commitment to excellence and leadership in your academic and professional endeavors.

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