Master of Science Degree

Health Care Administration Program 

Our Mission, Vision, and Value

Mission Statement

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Healthcare Administration Program is designed to meet the educational and experiential needs of early and mid-careerists in the healthcare field. Our mission is to develop future domestic and international healthcare leaders who can make wise decisions about the production, distribution and monitoring of quality healthcare, and to conduct research in healthcare evidenced-based administrative practice and innovation.

Explaining the Mission

We serve the global healthcare field through the academic development of highly valued and recognized healthcare leaders and the advancement of new thinking through collaboration. Our highly diverse graduates will possess talent to guide the healthcare field through transformative change by providing creative solutions to advance the well-being of the healthcare organizations and communities they serve. 

We continually discover and innovatively disseminate knowledge that enriches the lives of our stakeholders and enables them to contribute professionally to the effectiveness and quality of the healthcare effort, be it prevention or care delivery at all levels.

We prepare students

  • with appropriate skills, knowledge and tools to make evidence-based decisions in complex and diverse organizations,
  • to design innovative healthcare solutions worldwide,
  • with academic and real-world healthcare industry administrative, financial and business expertise,
  • to gain the tools and knowledge necessary to move into leadership, administrative and management positions in the healthcare field and shape the discourse in healthcare management.

Vision Statement

The University of Texas at Arlington aspires to develop a community of diverse, collaborative healthcare leaders with the knowledge to create, analyze and effect value locally and globally. Our graduates will possess the academic and real-world healthcare and business knowledge and understanding to guide the healthcare industry through transformative change providing innovative solutions to advance the well-being of the healthcare organizations and communities they serve.

Vision Statement Explained

Our Statement of “Becoming”…

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Healthcare Administration Program (UTA) is focused on becoming responsive to its stakeholders’ needs. We include representatives of C Suites of our healthcare stakeholder base in frequent roundtable discussions both virtual and in-person, where we listen intently to what they need UTA to do for them with our multi-module curriculum and experienced educational faculty.

The stakeholders consider UTA as a valued partner and offer internships to our students. Internships afford an opportunity for stakeholders to evaluate our students and assist in providing real-world knowledge and skill development. It is a huge win/win.

The graduates we send to the stakeholders know how to do what they need them to do, and do it with passion and caring. They can hit the ground running, and have an appropriate balance among head, hands and heart.

Further, UTA graduates know that their job entails vigorously contributing to the search for ways to reduce variation, cost and harm of all kinds in order to provide great care to more people at lower cost. They are aware that the healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, are up on the latest innovations that are disrupting healthcare and will seek to implement further disruptive innovations that will improve healthcare quality, costs and patient experiences.

Values Statement

Access and Success. Provide a supportive environment where students can flourish as scholars and citizens. Expand access to academic offerings, scholarship opportunities, and other vital resources that prepare students to gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to graduate and become healthcare leaders. 

Opportunity and Excellence. Pursue the highest standards of excellence throughout the Healthcare Administration Program. Provide all qualified students with opportunities to reap the benefits of the tremendous knowledge that exists at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Inclusiveness and Diversity. Foster an inclusive environment that supports a diverse community of faculty, staff and students. Encourage the exploration and discovery of the unfamiliar and promote the understanding of all viewpoints.

Mavericks and Innovators. Ensure a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity that strengthens The Maverick nature of the University of Texas at Arlington and the College of Business. Cultivate an atmosphere that rewards curiosity and challenges conventional thought.

Collegiality and Collaboration. Encourage a spirit of collegiality and camaraderie among all members of the University of Texas at Arlington community. Champion partnerships and collaborative efforts that increase the University of Texas at Arlington Healthcare Administration Program’s impact on our graduates, faculty and society.

Values Statement Explained

Our values statement represents those particular aspects of our culture that distinguish the University of Texas at Arlington, the College of Business and the graduate Healthcare Administration Program. 

We acknowledge the important values of respect, excellence and integrity. However, we believe that those are foundational elements which every program must exhibit as a minimum expectation if we are to have a thriving and successful program.

We also believe in and promote our program’s essential role in creating an opportunity for a lifetime of continual learning and professional development beyond graduation.