Information Systems and Operations Management

Information Systems focuses on the use of computers and information technology to address business needs.


Information Systems provides training in such skills as computer programming, database design, and analysis and design. Students receive training in software/systems development and can opt for specific training as a data analyst to cover such skills as extracting, cleaning, and analyzing data.

Operations Management targets the production of goods or the provision of services. Offering such topics as Purchasing, Logistics, Quality Management and Project Management, and culminating in a capstone course in Global Supply Chain Management, the program prepares students for leadership roles in a wide variety of organizational settings.

Companies worldwide aggressively recruit graduates for positions as systems developers, programmer/analysts, database managers, operations managers, quality managers, and consultants. These are among the job titles projected to have the greatest demand in the new millennium.

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Degrees offered in information systems, operations & supply chain management, business analytics.

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Information systems and Operations management at UTA

  1. In-depth, technical expertise to stress a holistic view of data
  2. Think big…data analysis.
  3. Think broad…web and social media
  4. Think smart…machine learning
  5. Go deep… in technical expertise
  6. Go wide…in a variety of applications
  7. Go strong…relevant to a diverse industry set

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Information Systems and Operations Management

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