Master of Science - Information Systems (MSIS)
Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
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  • 16-month program
  • Evening classes
  • Reskill
  • STEM approved
  • No experience required
  • Admission open to all majors
  • No GMAT/GRE exam required (Fall 2021 only)
    In a world rapidly transforming through digitization, information technologies play an important role in seamlessly integrating various business functions and facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  • Technical program covering analysis, design, implementation and deployment of systems
  • Business analytics concentration available
  • Strong industry connections through internships
  • Excellent placement and internship opportunity at local and national firms such as Lockheed Martin, Ericsson and Alcon
  • Object-oriented technology
  • Database management systems
  • Strategic information systems
  • Advanced system design
  • Data warehousing and data mining
  • IT project management
  • Cloud computing
  • Blockchain technology
  • Testimonials

    Adarsh Turuvekere
    Gurumurthy, (’20, MSIS),
    Incoming engineer at AWS

    “Working with faculty members of Cloud Computing & Data Science and studying these subjects did prepare me to start my career in Amazon Web Services (AWS analytics).”

    Dennis C. Tkach PhD., Chief Consulting
    & Research Officer, Canton & Company

    “Canton & Company partnered with a group of UTA students on their Capstone Project to develop a cutting edge ML/NLP algorithm to automate many of the internal research functions that we do. Truly, we felt we were working with a group of high quality, young Data Sciences consultants — a testament to the high caliber of what UTA has built in their MSBA and MSIS programs. This has been an incredibly positive experience at every step of the way — from engaging the administrators and world-class professors to the day-to-day with the students.”