Department of Management


Management focuses on general management, entrepreneurship, human resources and international management. Programs strive to provide students with the planning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in their roles as managers and leaders in business.

Catalog Descriptions

Business Administration - BBA

Human Resource Management - MS

Business Administration - PHD

To apply for admission contact: Undergraduate Admissions Center / Graduate Admissions Center

Reasons To Study Management

  • Breadth Of Study In Business Management Strategy And Depth Study In Functional H/R Disciplines
  • Innovative, Responsive, Research-based, And Practice-Oriented Curriculum
  • Unparalleled Relationships With The DFW Community
  • Accommodations For Working Professionals

The Society For Human Resource Management

Aligns with the SHRM recommended requirements for HR degree programs.

Contact Department

Main Office Number:
Dr. George Benson, Chair
Dr. Myrtle P Bell, Professor & PhD Coordinator
Dr. Tom Graca, Director of MS-HRM Program and Clinical Professor
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