Ph.D. Business Administration In Management

Management Major Field of Study: Overview

A Ph.D. is a research degree. We believe those who receive a Ph.D. from the Management Department should be talented and enthusiastic organizational scholars. They should be able to critically evaluate existing research, translate and disseminate research knowledge to their students and their communities, and conduct their own original research—adding to what we know and what we do in the management discipline. Therefore, students whose major field is management receive considerable research-oriented training.

A primary form of that training occurs in one-to-one working relationships. Ph.D. students are encouraged to work closely with faculty members on current research projects, from which jointly-authored papers are submitted and published in the field. Our faculty is committed to collaborative, collegial student-faculty interactions that often lead to longer-term research partnerships.

We also have high expectations that students will learn from and do well in their coursework. Students should find that their substantive knowledge helps them to apply and crystallize what they learn about methods. Likewise, we expect methods courses to help students make better, more informed conclusions about existing management theory and research.

Finally, we believe that the Ph.D. program should also prepare students to excel in teaching. Although students will probably not be classroom instructors until after their first year of studies, those who will teach during the program will learn how to put together a course syllabus, prepare and deliver lectures, create and grade assignments, construct and evaluate tests, and track student progress.

Applicants who wish to be considered for funding by GTA or Fellowship must submit test scores which include a score on the Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT of at least 23 or a score of at least 7 on the Speaking section of the IELTS, or have a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited University in the United States. This is required.

What makes us different?

Our program is student-centered. We realize that the best advertising for a superior Ph.D. program is having exceptional graduates. Our students have won many (inter)national grants, awards, and honors. Many have gone on to take academic positions and earn tenure at diverse institutions around the world.

We keep our program deliberately small—maintaining close to a 1:1 ratio of students to faculty. We allow exceptionally qualified students the opportunity to attend part-time. Once they acquire the skills to do so, Ph.D. students are also encouraged to follow their own research interests rather than be compelled to follow a particular faculty member's.

We also support many of our full-time students with continuing scholarships or assistant-ships as long as they are making good academic progress. We want to help foster student success in our program and their careers.

We deliver the highest quality scholarly training. Our program is challenging and rigorous; it is also engaging and rewarding. If you're interested and want more specific information, feel free to e-mail the Major Field Coordinator.


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