UTA HRM Curriculum

UTA’s 36-semester-credit-hour graduate-level professional Master of Science degree program in human resource management offers a responsive, research-based, and practice-oriented curriculum that combines a breadth of study in strategic business management with deep study in the functional areas of human resource management. The program’s courses are all offered in the evenings, and students may begin study in any academic term (fall, spring, or summer). Students may enroll on either a full-time or part-time basis. For students not currently working in positions in human resource management, internship opportunities are available with local firms to complement students’ study.

The Society for Human Resource Management has certified that the program’s curriculum is aligned with the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge and the SHRM Human Resource Curriculum Guidebook.

In addition to the sample course syllabi below, here are some general curriculum resources:

Sample Syllabi

Required Advanced Human Resource Management Courses

MANA 5323: Training and Development

2021 Spring (Professor Graca)

2020 Spring (Professor Michalski)

MANA 5327: Human Resource Law

2021 Spring (Professor Hash)

2020 Spring (Professor Hash)

MANA 5334: Organization Consulting and Research

2021 Spring (Professor Newsom)

2020 Spring (Professor Newson)

MANA 5340: Strategic Human Resource Management

2021 Spring (Professor Hirst)

2020 Spring (Professor Hirst)

MANA 5341: Staffing and Performance Management

Required Capstone Course

MANA 5336: Strategic Management

Frequent Core-Type Business Electives

Other Frequent Electives

MANA 5325: Labor and Employee Relations

MANA 5330: Negotiations and Conflict Management

MANA 5332: Managing Diversity in Organizations

MANA 5337: Ethics and the Business Environment

2021 Spring (Professor McFayden)

2018 Summer (Professor Martinson)

MANA 5338: Careers and Managing in a Changing Environment