Resources for UTA HRM Students AND HRM Professionals

HRM Graduate Advisor

Dr. Tom Graca is a Clinical Professor of Management and the Faculty Director of the Graduate Program in Human Resource Management. And if you are studying in the human resource management graduate program, he is your graduate advisor. (The truth is that Graca knows virtually nothing, but he is pretty good at making the right referrals and responding with the right hyperlinks.) You should consider Graca your “one-stop shop” for anything and everything related to your HRM graduate study at UTA.

Curriculum Resources

Funding Graduate Study

Some Things that Might Be Useful Throughout Your Study

Some Things that Will Be Useful as You Near Graduation

Internship and Employment Resources

Resources for When Things Are Going Sideways

HRM Certification

Earning and maintaining the appropriate certifications are essential for maximizing one’s career trajectory in human resource management. There are two (competing) certifying authorities:

HRM Professional Associations and Conferences

The Society for Human Resource Management is the world’s leading HRM professional association. In addition to the national organization, SHRM affiliates state and local chapters. Those typically of the greatest interest to the UTA HRM community are:

SHRM hosts a massive annual conference which rotates around the expected “conference cities” in the U.S. Of equal significance to HRM professionals in Texas is The HRSouthwest Conference which is held annually typically in Fort Worth. In addition, the local SHRM chapters (mentioned above) offer frequent and diverse continuing education opportunities.

(SHRM) Code of Ethics (for HR Professionals)