Applying to the UTA HRM Graduate Program

The official admission policies of the UTA human resource management program are articulated in the current UTA Graduate Catalog. And the official description of the application process is described by the UTA Graduate School. To help simplify the process for applicants, the UTA human resource management graduate program has assembled this “cheat-sheet” on the admission process. If anything here conflicts with anything in the UTA Graduate Catalog or anything promulgated by the UTA Graduate School, the catalog and Graduate School govern.

Admission Process “Cheat Sheet”

Of Primary Importance and with Greatest Urgency:

1. Complete the application at

In the application:

  1. University: “The University of Texas at Arlington”

  2. School/College: “Graduate Business Administration”

  3. Major/Program: “Human Resource Management, M.S.”

  4. Where it asks for essays, resume/CV, and letters of recommendation, just answer “will email to” (this will get application process moving faster).

2. Pay the required application fee at (The Graduate School will not begin processing your application until the correct application fee is paid.)

3. OPTIONAL (but strongly recommended for last-minute applications): Upload unofficial copies (including scans and images) of transcripts, GMAT or GRE test scores (if required), English-language proficiency test scores (if required), foreign credential evaluation reports (if available), etc., to

4. Have official transcripts, degree verifications, exam reports, etc., sent to UTA Graduate School – see

With Less Urgency if necessary:

5. Request at least two professional letters of recommendation (to be sent directly from the recommenders to

6. Email a copy of your current resume or CV to (or simply connect with

7. Email your application essay to

“In 250 words or fewer, briefly state why you have chosen the Human Resource Management M.S. at UT Arlington for your degree and describe what you hope to accomplish.”

8. Non-U.S. citizens: Connect with the UTA Office of International Education as needed for assistance with visa processes, etc.

General Description of UTA HRM Admission Standard

1. Demonstration of English-language proficiency by having:

  1. a secondary diploma or post-secondary degree from ATG, AUS, BHS, BRB, BLZ, CAN, COK, DMA, FJI, GBR, GRD, GUY, IRL, JAM, LBR, KNA, LCA, NZL, TTO, USA, VCT, or ZAF;

  2. IELTS total score ≥ 6.5; or

  3. TOEFL iBT scores of reading ≥ 20, listening ≥ 16, speaking ≥ 21, writing ≥ 22, and total ≥ 79.

2. Demonstration of a record of academic achievement and preparation necessary for potential success in the program and in a career in human resource management.

This is most commonly demonstrated by having an index score generated by a grade-point average that when multiplied by two hundred and added to the applicant’s GMAT score produces a sum of at least eleven hundred. In other words:

[(GPA)*(200)] + [GMAT total] ≥ 1,100

  1. As used here, “grade-point average” (and “GPA”) are defined by the UTA Graduate School in this way:

    The grade-point average for admission to graduate school at The University of Texas at Arlington is calculated according to Texas law and the policies and procedures of Graduate Admissions. For applicants completing work in U.S. institutions of higher learning, calculation of the grade-point average for admission purposes is based on the last two years of courses from the bachelor's degree transcript, on a 4.0 scale. In practice, this grade-point average is based on approximately the last 60 semester hours or the equivalent in quarter hours (90 quarter hours) shown on an applicant's bachelor's degree transcript.

  2. A test-taker’s GMAT score report will show five scores: analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative, verbal, and total. The “total” or “total scaled” score is the score used in the admission calculation. The “total” score is derived from the test-taker’s quantitative and verbal scores.

  3. An applicant who has taken the GRE General Test recently with a score that is still reportable may substitute the GRE for the GMAT. The program uses this score conversion algorithm to convert GRE scores to GMAT scores.

  1. In some circumstances, applicants may be admitted on their academic records alone (that is, without GRE/GMAT scores). Among these are a number of Special Admission Programs for UTA Undergraduates.

  2. In addition, an applicant whose index score is less than 1,100 (see below) or who has not taken either the GMAT or GRE, may be admitted on probation if – in the judgment of the Management Graduate Studies Committee – the applicant’s existing academic record demonstrates a substantial likelihood of success in the program and as a human resource management professional.