Everybody Sells

Really??? Yes. . Everybody connects with others. Everybody sells something every day – ideas, agendas, compromises. We sell our children on the importance of homework. We sell our friends, significant others, spouses on what movie to see or restaurant to dine at.

Take a look at how people in engineering, architecture, science, liberal arts, nursing, social work, urban planning, education, and music all sell from time to time.

Every time we want someone to do something for us or with us, we sell.

Examples for selling by others who are not sales professionals include –

  • Employers sell their employees on the value of doing excellent work
  • Employees sell employers on their merits when it comes time for raises and promotions
  • Parents sell their children on the idea of being good
  • Parents sell their children on the idea of getting a good night’s sleep
  • Children sell parents on the idea of staying up late
  • Engineers selling their new invention
  • Teachers sell students on the value of learning
  • Charitable organizations sell potential donors on the idea of providing support for their organization
  • An urban planner selling a design to a city counsel
  • Senior partners in accounting firms selling to a new client
  • Hungry toddlers are selling their parents on the idea they need milk when they cry
  • Children sell their parents on providing some money for treats
  • Buyers sell car dealers on the idea of discounted prices
  • Financial advisors selling a new client or an existing client a new investment
  • Prospective spouses sell themselves when they ask someone to marry them
  • Prospective job candidates sell when they communicate their strengths during a job interview or on a resume
  • An educator communicating to a student the rationale for a grade received
  • Nurses explaining medical procedures to patients
  • A professional architect selling a building design to an organization
  • Employees sell their managers when they send them a proposal
  • A social worker counselling with a patient for behavioral change

If you want to be able to communicate your ideas more informatively, objectively, persuasively, and ethically, the Professional Selling Program or the Professional Selling course may be for you. Click on the following links to see if sales may be something you would like to explore click on the following links: Is a Sales Career for Me? and Can You Be a Successful Sales Professional?