Elevator Pitch Competition


About the Competition

The UTA Business Communication Program Elevator Pitch Competition is designed to further develop our business students' professionalism and confidence in public speaking. The competition will provide networking opportunities for students to meet and engage with local business professional sand recruiters as part of their preparation for the job market.

Students will prepare and present a 30-60 second elevator pitch that they would deliver in a networking environment to an employer. Business professionals and recruiters will serve as competition judges.


Eligibility Requirements

All currently enrolled College of Business Students will be eligible to participate in the competition. BCOM students will be strongly encouraged to participate.

All participants will be encouraged to attend an informational workshop on March 8 in the College of Business.


Judging Criteria

Elevator pitches will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Is it compelling?
  • Is it complete?
  • Is it well-organized?
  • Is it concise?
  • Does the student use effective and engaging verbal and non-verbal delivery/state mechanics?

Competition Timeline

Info Sessions

 Date  Time  Location
 Thursday, March 7
 Friday, March 8

Competition info/orientation session for interested students (Carr).

First Round

 Date  Time  Location
 Friday, March 22
 2:30PM-4PM  TBA

UTA Faculty judges will screen and select semifinalists to proceed to the 2nd round of the competition. Students will deliver in-person pitch for the first round of competition. Students will also submit a video of their elevator pitch by March 22 at 11:59PM.

Students would email their video pitches to Kevin Carr at kevin.carr@uta.edu.

Second Round

 Date  Location
 Friday, April 5
Microsoft Teams

Deadline for 2nd round judges to share scores and recommend finalists for the competition.

Final Round - Awards and Networking Reception

Date  Time  Location
 Friday, April 19
 2:30PM-5PM  TBA

All judges, participants, faculty, and employers are invited for a reception and networking event. Student finalists will deliver their pitches and awards will be announced.


Awards and Recognition

The competition will feature and English-speaking and a Spanish-speaking category. Prizes will be awarded in each category.

Placement  English Speaking Category
Spanish Speaking Category
 First Prize
 $500  $500
 Second Prize
 $350  $350
 Third Prize
 $150  $150

Student participants and sponsors or donors will be recognized on the competition webpage and will have elevator pitch promoted through UTA social media and will be posted on the contest page website.