UTA MSMR Curriculum

The MS in Marketing Research program consists of four components, each of which provides graduates with valuable skills and perspectives that define the marketing research profession:

  • Methodology: From problem definition through data collection to reporting, students are trained to use data to address strategic business objectives.
  • Analytics: Students learn how to analyze and interpret data to support decision-making.
  • Application: Via coursework and professional internships, students gain experience using data in a business context.
  • Electives: MSMR students choose one of three elective tracks.
    • Data Science: Incorporating data mining techniques into the business decision process.
    • Marketing: Expansion on the core components with marketing analytics, strategy, and behavioral modeling.
    • Management: Understanding how business employs and benefits from data and consultant input.

In addition to the sample course syllabi below, here are some general curriculum resources: