Your Competitive Advantage

When you graduate, hundreds of thousands of other college students will graduate. For you, your education should be about developing competitive advantage and sustaining competitive advantage in the marketplace. If, when you graduate, your profile looks like most of the other profiles of the other college graduates, what advantage do you offer to the marketplace of jobs and careers? In other words, be prepared to answer the question, “What can you really do?” – the key question concerning the skills you develop that will allow you to say you can provide value to organization with which you may interview.

For you as a student and a prospective employee, your quest for competitive advantage should have already begun. When you study sales you might become a sales professional. You may also choose to become a professional in another field. In either case, you will be someone who provides benefits to prospective employers because of the things you bring to the table. The value you offer will be rooted in the capabilities you have that are a result of the combination of skills you develop. Sales professionals who have a competitive advantage are adaptable to different situations. They can adapt because they have real time knowledge but they also have a set of timeless skills. These skills transform into Capabilities that Will Serve You for a Lifetime as you study sales and other subjects at UTA and learn that these are the keys to growth and to the avoidance of inertia. The Professional Selling Program is based on three Thought ware Pillars that will serve you for a lifetime.