M.S. Marketing Research


So, you’re interested in Marketing Research? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure what the term “marketing research” means. We get that a lot because many companies and client divisions have adopted the terms “Insights”, “Shopper Experience”, and “Customer Relationship” (among others) rather than the catchall historic term of “marketing research”. The truth is our graduates are well-versed in each of those areas. More importantly, their time in the MSMR program also provides them with the space and challenge to learn how to be strategic thinkers – a skill that benefits them and all who work with them.

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Insights roles on the client side typically confer with product development, manufacturing/operations, distribution, marketing/promotions, communications, public relations, and/or corporate strategy. Insights roles on the vendor/supplier side typically confer with the same departments within their multiple client companies. Insights professionals often must consider the costs and impact of decisions across multiple groups and metrics. The term “insights” suggests the capability to connect apparently unrelated elements in an insightful manner, and those who can do it are highly valued in any industry.

The MS in Marketing Research degree is about strategic thought, considering the behaviors behind the numbers in the “big data” outputs. Our graduates are often tasked with bringing the numbers to life in the form of consumer or shopper journey mapping, which requires them to consider data from multiple sources (and datasets of vastly different sizes and qualities) to develop a model of brand relationships with target audiences.


Insights professionals come in all shapes and sizes. There are heavy quantitative people (comfortable with numbers and analytics), heavy qualitative people (high EQ conversationalists), and people who fall along the spectrum between the two extremes.


If you are curious, strategic, and/or behavior-focused, you should consider the MS in Marketing Research program (keep reading…).

UT Arlington is recognized for diversity of students, quality of instruction, and business value.  The College of Business and the MSMR program are distinguished within their own space and are held in high regard among academic and professional circles.  The real value to students in the programs in the connections they build with Insights professionals around the world and within the Dallas/Fort Worth business market in particular.


Here are some reasons to consider MSMR:

  • Program Flexibility
    • Students can customize a third of the program to fit their interests and strengths.
    • Evening courses mean that students can work full-time while in the program.
    • Students may enroll with the larger fall cohort or the smaller spring cohort.
    • Dedicated students can finish the program in 16 months.
  • Career Preparation for a Career
    • Professional workshop series coordinated by program advisors and alumni.
    • Connections with peer, young professional, and established industry mentors.
    • Students have the opportunity to introduce themselves  at the annual MSMR Alumni Insights Conference.
  • Business Network
    • UT Arlington MSMR Alumni are actively engaged with one another and the program regarding industry trends, professional opportunities, and conference/training events.
    • In each of the past five years, multiple employers have been so pleased with the performance of MSMR graduates that they have returned to interview candidates the following year.
    • The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex ranks among the hottest markets for jobs and housing; the strength of the UT Arlington alumni network and professional connections provides graduates with a strong foundation as they begin (accelerate, change) their careers.
  • The Numbers 
    • Reputation
      • The MSMR degree ranks highly among graduate business programs.
      • The UTA MSMR network is strong in the insights industry and in the DFW area.
    • Cost of Attendance
      • Competitive with MR degrees and other business degrees in the region.
      • The ability to work while attending courses makes it more practically affordable.
    • Employment – Past Three Years
      • 100%+ of domestic graduates employed in a degree-related position within three months of.
      • 90%+ of international graduates employed in a degree-related position within six months of graduation.
      • Many professional opportunities never hit the open market because the departing alum or the hiring manager sought an MSMR grad for the position.
    • Salary – Past Three Years
      • Most UT Arlington graduates stay in the DFW area, which has many advantages related to the market itself (moderate cost of living, no state income tax).
      • Median salary for graduates in the DFW area is 30% above median annual HHI (95% above median per capita income); graduates who leave the DFW area tend to earn (5%-20%) above-median salaries for their degrees, titles, and responsibilities in the respective markets.