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College Of Business Research Mavericks - Sridhar Nerur, PhD

Dr. Nerur was ranked in a 2014 article in the Journal of Systems and Software as among the top three worldwide researchers in the field of agile software development. Much of his research in this area draws on the conceptual foundations of small groups research, as well as theoretical insights from distributed cognition, team mental models, systems thinking, and experiential learning.

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Innovative Program with Ericsson Points to the Future of Data Science Education

An innovative executive certificate program that customizes instruction for employees of Ericsson, a leading supplier of information and communication technology to service providers, could become a model for higher education in data science and information systems.

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Annual Business Analytics Symposium

The College of Business Center for Innovation and Digital Transformation annually organizes a Business Analytics Symposium as a forum for North Texas industry professionals and academics to discuss technological advances and business applications of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Jingguo Wang, PhD

Jingguo Wang’s primary research focus is on cybersecurity. In his research, Dr. Wang often incorporates cross-disciplinary methodologies — applying models from fields such as criminology and psychology — as new approaches to studying the behaviors that are related to information security.

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Jennifer Jie Zhang, PhD

Dr. Zhang uses analytical and empirical techniques to closely examine issues in advanced and business applications of information technologies. Her research includes trend and business impacts of social media, digital marketing strategies, web analytics, online word-of-mouth and consumer online behaviors. Dr. Zhang has taught courses on e-commerce and web technologies, web and social analytics, management of digital enterprises, advanced web programing and object-oriented business programming.