Business Programs

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Degrees offered in accounting, professional accounting, and taxation.

About the Accounting Programs


  • Accounting - BBA
  • Accounting - BS
  • Accounting - MS
  • Professional Accounting - MPA
  • Taxation - MS
  • Accounting - PhD

Business Administration

Prepares leaders and managers for careers within all types of organizations.

About the Business Administration Programs


  • Business Administration - MBA
  • Business Administration - PhD


By studying economics, you can gain a better understanding of the costs and benefits of a course of action and thus make informed decisions.

About the Economics Programs


  • Economics - BBA
  • Economics - BS
  • Economic Data Analytics - MS
  • International Business Administration - Chinese - BBA
  • International Business Administration - French - BBA
  • International Business Administration - German - BBA
  • International Business Administration - Russian - BBA
  • International Business Administration - Korean - BBA
  • International Business Administration - Spanish - BBA

Finance and Real Estate

The Department of Finance and Real Estate at UTA is committed to providing one of the highest quality finance programs in Texas.

About the Finance and Real Estate Programs


  • Finance - BBA
  • Real Estate - BBA
  • Quantitative Finance - MS
  • Real Estate - MS
  • Finance (Business Administration) - PhD

MS Health Care Administration

Degrees offered in health care administration.

About the Health Care Administration Program


  • Health Care Administration - MS

Information Systems and Operations Management

Business Analytics prepares graduates to further the goals of an organization through the strategic use of data. Operations Management addresses operational efficiencies in the organization.



  • Information Systems - BBA
  • Information Systems - BS
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management - BBA
  • Business Analytics - MS
  • Information Systems - MS
  • Information Systems (Business Administration) - PhD


The four main areas of management are general management, entrepreneurship, human resources management and international management.

About the Management Programs


  • Management - BBA
  • Human Resource Management - MS
  • Management (Business Administration) - PhD


Marketing centers on the customer and focuses on processes aimed at creating, delivering, and communicating value to customers.

About the Marketing Programs


  • Marketing - BBA
  • Marketing Research - MS
  • Marketing (Business Administration) - PhD


Business Majors:
  • Each of our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs has a subject area concentration (accounting, finance, management, etc.) and a business core that provides you with a well-rounded educational experience and prepares you for your future career. The BBA programs as well as the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Systems do not require or allow minors in addition to the designated degree requirements.
  • The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics requires an 18-hour minor as part of the degree requirements. 


Non-Business Majors:
  • Not all Major Departments allow the addition of a minor to the degree program. Please check with your Major Department before scheduling an appointment with a business advisor.
  • Minors in Business require 18 hours in one of the following areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or Information Systems.
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Undergraduate Certificate Programs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales
Graduate Certificate Programs
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate Development
  • Taxation
  • Entrepreneurship