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Accounting is the language of business and is an increasingly complex subject matter. Majors offer technical accounting knowledge in taxation and professional accounting that lead to enriching careers in private, public and nonprofit sectors.

About the Accounting Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Accounting - BBA
  • Accounting - BS

Graduate Programs

  • Accounting - MS
  • Professional Accounting - MPA
  • Taxation - MS

Business Administration

The AACSB-accredited MBA Program is designed to meet the needs of students with or without previous business education or experience. Throughout the program, students will develop an extensive collection of hard and soft business skills including leadership, teamwork, relationship building, and project management acumen designed to advance career growth. The MBA program prepares leaders and managers for careers within all types of organizations.

About the Business Administration Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Business Administration - MBA (Flexible, Cohort )


Economics studies the behavior of people and firms in making decisions about the allocation of scarce resources and examines the structure of the economy as a whole. Programs prepare students for a career as a quantitative analyst in government, consulting or other private sector positions.

About the Economics Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Economics - BBA
  • Economics - BS

Graduate Programs

  • Economic Data Analytics - MS


UTA's Executive MBA program prepares experienced professionals and managers for executive-level responsibility.


Graduate Programs

  • Executive Master of Business Administration - EMBA

Finance and Real Estate

Finance draws upon concepts from economics, statistics, and mathematics to help investors and managers create value by efficiently allocating capital. In the area of real estate, these decisions revolve around real estate development, valuation, investment, management, and financing.

About the Finance and Real Estate Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Finance - BBA
  • Real Estate - BBA

Graduate Programs

  • Quantitative Finance - MS
  • Real Estate - MS

Health Care Administration

Health Care Administration trains leaders to adapt to rapid changes in the health care industry, respond to increasing competitive and legal pressures in hospitals and clinics and effectively integrate information about quality and cost into the delivery of services.

About the Health Care Administration Program

Graduate Programs

  • Health Care Administration - MS

Information Systems and Operations Management

Information systems emphasizes development and management of information technologies to improve business processes and support business strategies. Business analytics studies the use of data science and analysis techniques to support data driven decision making in organizations. Operations and supply chain management focuses on business operations and supply chain networks, and how to create business value by improving the global supply chain.


Undergraduate Degrees

  • Business Analytics - BS
  • Information Systems - BBA
  • Information Systems - BS
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management - BBA

Graduate Programs

  • Business Analytics - MS
  • Information Systems - MS

International Business

The increasingly complex international environment requires that successful managers understand not only how business works domestically but also how it works on a global scale.

About the International Business Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

  • International Business Administration - Chinese - BBA
  • International Business Administration - French - BBA
  • International Business Administration - German - BBA
  • International Business Administration - Korean - BBA
  • International Business Administration - Russian - BBA
  • International Business Administration - Spanish - BBA


Management focuses on general management, entrepreneurship, human resources and international management. Programs strive to provide students with the planning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in their roles as managers and leaders in business.

About the Management Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Management - BBA

Graduate Programs

  • Human Resource Management - MS


Marketing examines the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services. Programs in marketing and marketing research center primarily on the customer and processes aimed at creating, delivering, and communicating value.

About the Marketing Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Marketing - BBA

Graduate Programs

  • Marketing Research - MS


The college offers high-quality, academically rigorous doctoral programs that prepare students to conduct relevant research on a wide variety of business issues.

About the Ph.D. Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Accounting - Ph.D.
  • Finance - Ph.D.
  • Information Systems - Ph.D.
  • Management -Ph.D.
  • Management Sciences - Ph.D.
  • Marketing - Ph.D.


Business Majors:
  • Each of our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs has a subject area concentration (accounting, finance, management, etc.) and a business core that provides you with a well-rounded educational experience and prepares you for your future career. The BBA programs as well as the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Systems do not require or allow minors in addition to the designated degree requirements.
  • The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics requires an 18-hour minor as part of the degree requirements. 


Non-Business Majors:
  • Not all Major Departments allow the addition of a minor to the degree program. Please check with your Major Department before scheduling an appointment with a business advisor.
  • Minors in Business require 18 hours in one of the following areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or Information Systems.
Undergraduate Advising



Undergraduate Certificate Programs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales
  • Business Analytics
  • Managing Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations


Graduate Certificate Programs
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate Development
  • Taxation
  • Entrepreneurship