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Free Individual Consultations

*A valid Mavs ID is required upon check-in for your appointment

Writing is a continuous process. Our ultimate goal is to yield better writers and critical thinkers. There is no alternative to practice and constructive feedback for writing development. Students choose whether they believe they need a short or long session. During each 15-, 30-, 45-, or 60-minute session, students will experience a one-on-one consultation addressing individual writing needs and concerns, based on instructor and assignment demands, audience expectations, and writer’s needs. Please note that 15-minute Quick Hits appointments are specifically for citation, style, editing, punctuation, and grammar concerns.


For questions related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, citations, or style, please choose QUICK HITS on your appointment form. During face-to-face Quick Hits sessions, the Writing Center consultant will spend up to 15 minutes helping student clients find answers on citation, style, editing, punctuation, and grammar concerns. During QH sessions, consultants will not make corrections, nor read through papers, but will respond to specific questions or concerns and point clients to the appropriate resources and answers.

Groups working on projects and posters are welcome to share a session, benefitting from project-specific guidance. Make an appointment at UTA Writing Center Portal.