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  • Fall 2016 News

    Welcome Back!

    The Writing Center opens for Fall Semester on August 25th.

    A lot of exciting changes are taking place on our website, so be sure to take a look around.

    We have made it easier than ever to sign up for workshops, just visit our Workshop tab to learn more.

    And GRADUATE STUDENTS, we have graduate writing/accountability meetings, so make sure you get signed up!

    See you soon, and Write On!


Choosing Appropriate Language

When you are writing, it is important that you are choosing language that is appropriate to convey the meaning that you intend. Remember, many words that have similar definitions have wildly different connotations that go along with them. In other words, many words with similar meanings carry emotional and cultural baggage that may affect the ideas that you are trying to convey to your readers. For instance: Although thin, skinny, and sleletal all have similar definitions they cannot and should not be used interchangeably. The chart featured below may help you make appropriate word choices in your writing.

Word Choice Chart