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  • Fall 2016 News

    National Poetry Day is Thursday, October 6th! Join the Writing Center outside of the Central Library from 9 am to 4 pm and help us celebrate!  We will have awesome activities, poetry readings, snacks, and more! Stop by and be prepared to have a great time!

    We will still be taking appointments and walk-ins for that day but since we will also be helping out at Poetry Day, make an appointment to ensure you can be seen by one of our consultants!


Writing to Establish Ethos


When writing a paper, consider the audience you’re writing to as inherently skeptical about what you are communicating. As you start to examine information and articles that you want to include in your paper, you should contemplate the reputability of your sources.

As you provide supporting evidence to your paper from outside sources, always indicate to your audience the credentials of the person you are quoting. Establishing the trustworthiness of your sources communicates to your audience that you have authority to speak on the subject. This notion of establishing credentials should also be applied to opponents that you discuss in your paper (assuming there is a counterargument).

When providing a counterargument, always allow your opponents’ ideas the decency and respect that you would want from them. When summarizing your opponents’ views, don’t refer to them in a mocking tone—to mock or insult them will negatively impact your credibility. However, if you express your opponents’ point-of-view in non-biased language, and then present a strong and reasonable rebuttal with your own position, you will have succeeded in representing yourself as a well-intentioned author.

To summarize, always describe to your audience the credibility of your sources, and represent an opponent as a rational, well-intentioned person who simply has a differing opinion. These small additions to your papers will improve your relationship with your audience, which will allow your ideas to be communicated more effectively.