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  • Spring 2019 News

    Our Spring 2019 Hours:
    Monday-Thursday:  9 am to 8 pm
    Friday:  9 am to 3 pm
    Saturday and Sunday:  Noon to 5 pm
    Please read all of our rules and policies before making appointments so there is no confusion when you arrive for your appointment.

Writing Tip of the Week:

“Overcoming Writer’s Block”

Tip by Emily R.

Writer’s block is what I like to call, “The Writer’s Achilles Heel”, when we hit the block we stop dead in our tracks and can not get back on. You get frustrated, nervous, or just throw out the whole paper and start all over again!! No one likes to do that, including myself. I have tried several different methods and tricks to conquering writer’s block; from eliminating distractions to listening to music. These tips are great, but they do not stick for very long. So, what works for me?
When I get stuck in the middle of a paper, book chapter, or short story, I get a little frustrated. If I keep going, I’ll just get frustrated with the whole thing, crumple it up, and send it flying to the waste basket. When I put down the pen and put the project away for a few hours (or the rest of the day depending on the time restraints), this allows me to not think about the project for that time and I let my brain relax a little. I get this swirling cloud of thought when I really focus hard on something, and if that thought process suddenly stops, my mind is pure chaos. I must stop what I am doing and give myself a break to decompress. This prevents me from stalling out when I keep pushing to get back on track. This happens to me a lot, and when I come back with a clear head, I feel like the writer’s block was no big deal; this keeps me motivated. So, the next time you hit a wall with your writing, just take a step back and give your mind a chance to play catch-up.