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  • Spring 2017 News

    The Writing Center's last day of Spring 2017 is Wednesday, May 3rd. We will be closing at 12:00 pm that day, so be sure to make your appointments in advance. We are accepting walk-ins but they are very limited and cannot be guaranteed.

reading together

Practical Tips for Revision: Advice from a Writing Center Consultant

  1. Always print before revising.  Students think they can catch everything on the computer screen.  My experience in The UTA Writing Center provides contrary evidence.  This practice grows more important with the length and complexity of the paper.  Always revise on a hard copy.
  2. Read the paper aloud.  Again, my experience at the Writing Center provides numerous examples of why reading aloud improves students’ writing.  Students catch careless errors, and they hear errors when reading aloud that they do not “hear” when they read silently.
  3. This tip relates closely to tip 2.  When reading aloud, slow down, and read the words that appear on the page.  I cannot estimate how many times students who are reading aloud in the Writing Center “read” a word that is not on the page. 
  4. Whenever possible, write in one place; revise in another.  This practice embraces the theory that revising is the more difficult phase in the writing process.  Revising in a different chair, in the library, or in a favorite nook of campus allows us to focus on the difficult process of revising. 
  5. Evaluate every word.  If the sentence makes sense without a word or phrase, delete the word or phrase.

                                                                  --By Nick, UTA Writing Center