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  • Fall 2017 News

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Writing Tip of the Week--

Using a Thesaurus to Make Your Writing More Interesting

When it comes to writing academic essays, it’s sometimes difficult to transfer our simple words into complex, academic ones. It’s important to make sure we are using certain words correctly, recognizing the word’s connotation and denotation, and finally, realizing that there are multiple ways to say one thing.
A strategy that you can use when writing a formal essay is using websites like to find synonyms. Sometimes you may be using a word too many times in your essay and would like to change it up, while other times, you may prefer a more advanced word so that your paper comes across as professional and academic. When you enter a word into the thesaurus, multiple words ranging from high to low relevance are shown. From the list, you may choose the word you’d like to use, or continue searching by clicking on other terms within the list to find more synonyms.

It’s important, though, to use the thesaurus to remind you of words, not to select words you’ve never heard of. Always choose words from the thesaurus that you’re familiar with already. If you choose a word that’s completely unfamiliar, you’ll be unaware of its connotations and conventional uses—this means you’ll be in danger of using it erroneously. But the thesaurus is a great resource for reminding you of words that don’t come to mind when you’re writing.