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Mav Money

Mav Express currently offers various debit plans for the UTA community - including Mav Money, Dining Dollars, Sponsored Student Debit Accounts, and Book Advance.

Mav Money is the primary debit plan offered. It is available to anyone with a Mav Express card and deposits have no spending restrictions. Mav Money is accepted at all campus retail and dining locations, printing locations, and various off campus locations.

Deposit to a Mav Money account may be made online at with a credit card. Funds may also be deposited in person at the Office Of Student Accounts located in Davis Hall or at one of our 2 ValuePort Terminals located on the first floor of the Central library and on the first floor of the Univercity Center between the Mav express office and the Starbucks.

All Mav Money funds are carried forward each semester for as long as a person continues association with UTA. Mav Money is to be used for purchase of goods or services only and no cash may be withdrawn. Upon leaving the University, students may request a refund of any balance remaining. The remaining funds from MavMoney balances will be credited to the Student's University account upon request, but only after the student's withdrawal or graduation from the University. Refunds will first be applied to any balance owed to the University and remaining funds will be sent to the student via University check or direct deposit. All checks will be mailed to the address listed with the Registrar's office.  The MavMoney refund request form can be obtained at the following link. MavMoney Refund Request.

Dining Dollars are part of a meal plan package and may be used at Dining Services facilities only. For more information about Meal Plans or Dining Dollars, please visit the Dining Option for Off-Campus Mavericks or Residence Hall Dining Options.