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Core Curriculum Steering Committee

Charge:  Review proposals for courses to be included in the 2014 Core Curriculum; make recommendations for improvements; develop a final list of approved courses

Chair:  Kimberly van Noort (COLA)

Members (by component area sub group)


                        Charla Markham Shaw (COMM)    

                        Ann Cavallo (COEDHP)

                        Andrew Milson (GEOG)

            Creative Arts

                        Kevin Gustafson (ENGL)

                        Sergio Espinosa (MUSI)

                        Anne Healy (THEA)

            Life & Physical Sciences/Mathematics

                        Lynn Peterson (ENGR)

                        Laura Mydlarz (BIOL)

                        Minerva Cordero (COS)

                        Ashley Griffith (EES)

                        Brenda Hoolapa (CON)

            Language, Philosophy & Culture/History

                        Ray Elliott (MODL)

                        Kenneth Williford (PHIL)

                        Johanna Smith (ENGL)

            Social & Behavioral Sciences/Government

                        David Arditi (SUPA/INTS)

                        Larry Chonko (COBA)

                        Rebecca Deen (POLS)

In addition, these members of the Assessment Group in IRPE will assist the sub groups:

Rebecca Lewis – Director of Assessment

Anna Mroch – Evaluation and Assessment Specialist

Araya Maurice – Director of Evaluations, Surveys and QEP Analysis

Web Development and Technical Assistance:  Mark Lansdon, IRPE