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About Collaborate UTA


Collaborate UTA

UTA’s QEP, Collaborate UTA, will enhance and assess teamwork through the creation of Professional Learning Communities. While the Maverick Advantage through the Five Distinguishing Activities (Leadership, Undergraduate Research, Career Development, Community Engagement, and Global Connections) continues as a major university initiative, Collaborate UTA, through a narrow focus on teamwork, provides a focused platform for assessing and enhancing the quality of those experiences through the Student Learning Outcomes and Program Outcomes. The Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Program Outcomes (POs) are as follows:

  • SLO 1a: Students will recognize effective teamwork;
  • SLO 1b: Students will practice effective teamwork;
  • SLO 1c: Students will value effective teamwork;
  • SLO 2:   Students will connect teamwork experiences to the classroom.
  • PO 1: Students will report that their teamwork experience has prepared them for the real world.
  • PO 2: PLC Fellows will report the value of the collaborative experience on their teaching and on the interaction between them and their students.

Areas of collaborative learning infographic: Career Development, Global Connections, Community Engagement, Leadership, Undergraduate Research