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Research Administration

Research Apps

Access these electronic applications to complete action items or handle research-related submissions.


Translational Pilot Program Funding Opportunity with UT Southwestern: $20,000 Service Package Grants

Through our collaboration with UT Southwestern’s Center for Translational Medicine, our faculty have access to Service Package Grants of up to $20,000.

The focus will be on establishing research teams to test new ideas that have promise in alleviating human disease and on using this mechanism to promote collaborative research initiatives across disciplines and institutions.  The Translational Pilot Program encourages collaborations that assesses the feasibility of new approaches to translational research that will lead to extramural funding. 

These grants support research across the full spectrum of translational research (T1 to T4).

Funding priority is given to junior investigators (trainees or faculty members in the first three years after completing postdoctoral training), however, senior faculty can apply if they can show significant departure from their usual area of research.  

The awards may support translational research that combines basic biomedical and clinical science as long as there is a direct connection to human biology or disease. For instance, applications that analyze the behavior of human cells in vitro or in experimental animals are acceptable as long as the question being asked has direct relevance to human illness.

Please review the Request for Proposal website for additional information and the application form.     

Awards are for a period of three months. The deadline for applications is January 15.  Awarded projects must be completed by April 30, 2016.

Contact Sarah Christian at 214-648-0328 for additional information. 

Strategic Research Appointments for Faculty

Call for Proposals For the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Program Scope

The Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President for Research are sponsoring a new program to fund faculty appointments designed to significantly advance our research efforts under the UTA Strategic Plan themes Health and the Human Condition, Sustainable Urban Communities, Global Environmental Impact and Data-Driven Discovery.

The Strategic Research Appointments for Faculty (SRAF) program will enable faculty members to spend time at another institution or institutions to conduct research while expanding their knowledge and expertise and building key partnerships. As the ability to effectively compete for major research programs often benefits significantly from, or may even require partnerships with other institutions, the SRAF program creates an important new way to help faculty develop research collaborations for UTA while carrying out their research and developing new research proposals.

This document serves as a request for proposals (RFP) and outlines the program objectives, guidelines and requirements. These appointments will be awarded on a competitive basis and will provide support for one semester at full salary to enable a faculty member to spend time at another research institution. Other research institutions include national/government labs, research universities or corporate labs. In some circumstances, appointments can be at one-half salary for both academic semesters. Funds will be provided to the academic units to cover instructional needs during the faculty appointment period.

Proposal Submissions

Proposals for Strategic Research Appointments for Faculty must be submitted through the SRAF Sharepoint Site. Once proposals have been submitted online, they will be made available through the Vice President for Research to the review committee.

The website for proposal submissions will open Dec. 15, 2015.


Proposals must be submitted by 11 p.m. Jan. 25, 2016.

The proposal should be submitted as a single PDF document that includes:

1. Title page (one page)

2. Proposal description (two pages maximum, including references), single-spaced, 11- or 12-font type, and written in clear, jargon-free English. Proposal descriptions should include:

  • A reference to background information on which the proposal is based;
  • A brief description of the research to be conducted (including timeframe) and its importance in the field of study and relevance to the core themes of the UTA Strategic Plan;
  • Where the research will be conducted and how this appointment will facilitate the research;
  • How this appointment will increase our ability to become more competitive in this research field, and
  • Any additional information about financial support from the research institution being visited or support from other sources (e.g., fellowships).

3. A one-page brief CV that lists: relevant publications, relevant funding in this area, research based awards or distinctions, and other pertinent information relevant to the proposal.

Proposal Review

Proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary team that represents expertise from across the University. Results of the review will be provided to the Vice President for Research, who will then make recommendations to the University President.

The overriding principle upon which proposals will be evaluated is the potential for achievement surpassing the normal responsibilities of a faculty member, which will be judged based on:

  • The quality of the proposed research and the likely impact of this work under one or more of the core themes of the UTA Strategic Plan;
  • The ability for this appointment to enhance importance research expertise and capabilities;
  • How this appointment will build or expand important partnership(s) for creating additional sponsored research programs at UTA; and
  • How this appointment will be used to develop research proposals and enhance our competitiveness for extramural research funding (The appointment must led to a proposal for extramural funding).


Awards under the SRAF program will be limited to faculty members who 1) have served full-time as assistant, associate, or full professors on the UTA faculty for at least two consecutive academic years; and 2) have earned tenure by the time the appointment commences.

Award Notification and Requirements

Faculty will be notified about awards in early April, which should provide sufficient time to make arrangements for their appointment during the 2016-2017 academic year. An approved Leave of Absence request is required for the period of the appointment. The Department Chair, Dean, Provost and President must approve the Leave of Absence request. The approved request will contain a requirement that the faculty member returns and serves at least two additional years at UTA following the appointment period.

Additional SRAF requirements include:

  1. A final report documenting the research done during the appointment and related issues, such as new skills acquired.
  2. A list of papers (completed or in preparation), reports and presentations completed as a result of the appointment.
  3. An extramural proposal for research funding developed as a result of the appointment.

Duane Dimos will be hosting two information sessions about the program, one before the semester break and one afterwards. The information sessions will be:
December 17th (Thursday), 3:00, Engineering Research Building 228
This Session has been changed to January 15th (Friday), 3:00, Davis Hall 327.

Research Administration Procedures Update

UTA Research Administration has updated its communication procedure for managing research-related agreements. This new policy will clarify and promote efficiency with prospective and recurring sponsors and others, and identify more easily which unit is responsible for agreements by type.

Click here to review the new Procedure.