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Technology Management

The Office of Technology Management (OTM) is responsible for the protection, marketing, and licensing of campus created inventions and intellectual property (patents, copyrights, know-how, etc.). The mission of the Office of Technology Management is to serve its internal and external clients through education and collaboration, acting as a bridge to industry to make UTA technologies and innovations available to humankind.  OTM’s vision is to be known internally as a facilitator of commercialization and entrepreneurship and externally as a standard for tech transfer offices. UTA's diverse faculty and research expertise naturally expound innovation and collaboration possibilities that could provide industry partners the technological winning edge in the marketplace.


We stand ready to assist you to:

  • Evaluate whether research results are patentable and navigate your technology through the patenting process

  • Protect intellectual property while protecting academic priorities, interests and values

  • Effectively transfer discoveries and inventions from the laboratory into commercial development

  • Generate collaborations with industrial partners for new sources of research sponsorship

  • Market and successfully license the technologies

  • Monitor research and license agreements to ensure the development and commercialization of your technologies

  • Establish your start-up company by helping to find and obtain funding, put a management team in place, etc.


UT Arlington has partnered with TechFW in order to offer training and educational programs to UT Arlington faculty, staff and students interested in starting their own company. A representative from TechFW is available on UT Arlington's campus to meet with faculty, staff and students who desire to learn more about starting a company. The partnership with TechFW provides UT Arlington faculty and research teams with access to the North Texas entrepreneurial community. Visit TechFW's website to learn more about TechFW's programs.






Physical Address

University of Texas at Arlington
E.E. Davis Hall Bldg, 3rd Floor

701 S Nedderman Dr, Suite 350
Arlington, TX 76019

Mailing Addresses

University of Texas at Arlington
Technology Management
Box 19161
Arlington, TX 76019

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