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Technology Portfolio

Here's a few example of technologies available for licensing:

(UTA 03-14) Optical Nitrogen Oxides Sensor and Storage

(UTA 05-04) Electric Energy Generation: Piezoelectric Windmill

(UTA 06-26) Vibration Energy Harvester

(UTA 06-28) EKG Signals to Detect Sleep Apnea

(UTA 07-06) Batteryless Endoluminal Sensing Telemeter (BEST)

(UTA 07-07) Automatic Pain Recognition and Inhibition (APRI)

(UTA 07-35) Apparatus for Guidance of Laparoscopic Procedures

(UTA 08-21) Flexible pH Sensor 

(UTA 08-40) Nano-Scale Biosensor for Gene and Protein Expression Analysis

(UTA 09-37) Controlled Release of Antimicrobial Agents from Hydrogel Films

(UTA 09-44) Real Time Battery Health Monitoring System

(UTA 09-45) Wireless Monitoring Sensor

(UTA 09-59) Apparatus for Guidance of a Prostate Needle Biopsy

(UTA 10-14) Optical Delay Line Elements Based on Leaky-Mode Resonance Structures

(UTA 10-19) Automation Support for a Methodology for Object-Oriented Analysis & Design Using UML

(UTA 10-27) Green Arsenic Analyzer 

(UTA 11-02) Wireless Charging System

(UTA 11-09) Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Redox-sensitive GTPases

(UTA 11-40) Online Adaptive Control Solution Using Integral Reinforced Learning

(UTA 11-42) Anistropic Bonded Magnets

(UTA 12-04) Clean Micro/Meso-Channels on Glass

(UTA 12-08) Injectable Cancer Trap to Reduce Metastasis Cancer

(UTA 12-12) High Speed Rotor Dynamic Stable Air Foil Bearings

(UTA 12-24) Smart Shoes For Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention and Rehabilitation

(UTA 12-27) A New X-Ray Activated Nanoparticle Photosensitizer for Cancer Treatment

(UTA 12-28) Ashless Environment Friendly Lubricants

(UTA 12-33) Efficient Restoration of Vision

(UTA 12-46/47) Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

(UTA 13-02) Flexible Strain Sensors

(UTA 13-05) Neuroma Prevention Nerve Cuff

(UTA 13-08) Effective Substrate Wave Couplers and Flattop Angular Reflectors enabled by Guided-Mode Resonance Effects and the Rayleigh Anomaly

(UTA 13-13 & 13-15) Luminescence Intensity Ratio Method of co-doping Eu2+

(UTA 13-14) Investigation of New Nanomaterials and New Methods for Radiation Detection

(UTA 13-24) Carbon Nanotube Sheet Based Electrode for Neuronal Activity Measurements

(UTA 13-27) Bubble Actuated Ergonomic Products

(UTA 13-27)Bubble Actuated Liner for use in Prosthetics

(UTA 13-27) Bubble Actuated Automotive Seat Cushion

(UTA 13-27) Bubble Actuator for Concussive Gear 

(UTA 13-28Knee Model Surgical Simulator

(UTA 13-29) Cavity Enhancement Methods, Systems and Devices, and Methods of Measuring Same

(UTA 13-303D Point-of-Gaze Headset

(UTA 13-31Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Printing

(UTA 13-34) Energy-Filtered Cold Electron Transistors 

(UTA 13-35) Production of Methanol from Co2 using Sunlight

(UTA 13-36) Disposable Petri-dish platform long path optical sensor for volatile analytes

(UTA 14-01) Hybrid Compounds to treat Gastrointestinal Infections

(UTA 14-03) Self-powered, Tactile Pressure Sensing Skin Comprising Crystalline Piezoelectric Nanorod Arrays

(UTA 14-04Microfluidic pH Sensors

(UTA 14-05Batteryless EndoScopically-implantable Stimulator (BLESS)

(UTA 14-09) Guided-mode resonance thermal transducers for heat-assisted magnetic recording

(UTA 14-12Micro-Windmills for Energy Harvesting

(UTA 14-14UTA Regenerative Interface Electrode (UTARIE)

(UTA 14-15) Innovative Sensor for Screening Stabilization Effectiveness

(UTA 14-24) Multi-Modal Imaging of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

(UTA 14-30) Silicon-Based Thin Films as Antioxidants for Use in Bone Healing

(UTA 14-33) Adipogenic Differentiation to Reduce Implant-induced Scar Formation

(UTA 14-36) In situ Engineered Bone Tissue Using Autologous Progenitor Cells

(UTA 14-41) Screenshot Reverse Engineering Tool for Mobile Apps

(UTA 14-43) Wideband Reflectors with Zero- Contrast Gratings

(UTA 14-47) Precise Liquid dispensing from Digital Microfluidic Device

(UTA 15-01) Nanoscale Gas Chromatography Device