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The Shorthorn office

The Shorthorn

Long Before UTA Was UTA, The Shorthorn Was The Shorthorn

Years before the “UT” preceded the “A’  at the college now known as the University of Texas at Arlington, and years before there was a Longhorn in the family, there was The Shorthorn. No relation, thanks.

In 1919, students at what was then known as Grubbs Vocational College needed a name for their fledgling literary/humor magazine. With a $2.50 prize from the dean as incentive, an ensuing contest yielded such poetic possibilities as KornKob, Swat News, Horse Sense, Grubworm and Tool for the name of the new publication. In a three-ballot election runoff, the student body chose Shorthorn over other finalists GVC Shots and Thistle.

The first issue — 6 by 9 inches, 48 pages with a bull in a bull’s-eye for a cover — appeared in April 1919. The first newsroom masqueraded as a wide spot in the hallway leading to the adviser’s office on the third floor of Ransom Hall, the campus' oldest building.

The Shorthorn evolved into a newspaper in 1921 and has thrived in spite of a world war, the Depression, ice storms, too many technical conversions and computer crashes to count, and debilitating attacks within the student staff of transient hormonal surge. On a campus noted for change, The Shorthorn has been a constant, growing into a daily publication in 1977 after stints as a biweekly and weekly., our online edition, was added in 1997, making Shorthorn content available to anyone, anywhere 24/7. The Shorthorn remains one of UTA’s oldest traditions and most-respected sources of news, information and experience.

In 1997, Shorthorn editors summarized what they thought make The Shorthorn important – its “mission” — and came up with this:

  • provide news and information for the UTA community;
  • provide a forum for the UTA community, and
  • provide training and experience for students interested in careers in journalism, advertising and related professions.

Along the way, The Shorthorn has also won the country’s most prestigious college media awards and is a charter member of the College Media Hall of Fame. People who call The Shorthorn their first newsroom job now hold key professional positions at newspapers and other media operations throughout the Metroplex and beyond.



Student Publications is the umbrella for any campuswide student-produced publication at UTA. The Shorthorn is currently the only official student publication. Past student publications included Renegade, a nationally recognized general interest magazine; Tempo, an arts and entertainment publication and ancestral cousin to the current Pulse section of The Shorthorn; Reveille yearbook, and Prism magazine.  Other projects include production of the campus phone directory and local housing guides.

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On-Campus Cinema

Movie nights feature a variety of hit and pre-home release films hosted by EXCEL Campus Activities each semester.

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