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Heating up

UTA researchers are devising a way to use geothermal energy to de-ice Texas bridges and overpasses through funding from a Texas Department of Transportation Innovation Project. The research is being done in UTA’s Organized Research Center of Excellence on Sustainable and Resilient Civil Infrastructure.

Computer learning

UTA researchers, led by Professor Fillia Makedon, will use artificial intelligence and advanced computational models to help experts assess learning difficulties in children at a very early age, leading to help for these children. The project uses the latest technology in computer vision, machine learning and data mining.

Ensuring groundwater quality

Chemists from The University of Texas at Arlington have partnered with Apache Corporation to conduct a baseline water quality study of groundwater and surface water in the newly discovered Alpine High resource play in West Texas.

Fighting cancer

UTA physicists are the first to demonstrate a new potential cancer treatment using microwaves to target deeply situated tumors. The study was the cover article this month in "The Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology."