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Health science focus

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas has awarded UTA an $823,067 grant to recruit star cell biology researcher Mark Pellegrino from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Pellegrino will join the UTA as an assistant biology professor in August.

Protecting biodiversity

A UTA biologist has shown that environmental favorability and tolerance of stress drives the disparity between common and rare species in freshwaters. The research was published recently in the leading journal "The American Naturalist."

Women's health research

Eusebius Small, a UTA assistant professor in the School of Social Work, will use a Fulbright award to study factors that contribute to HIV incidence in young women in Sierra Leone.

Leadership in physics

UTA physicists are preparing the Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility in Tennessee to support the analysis of data generated from the quadrillions of proton collisions expected during this season’s Large Hadron Collider particle physics experiments.

University Students at the Maverick Activities Center
Sanchali Deb


Digesting a Solution

Sanchali Deb could have gone to any university she wanted for her doctoral work.