Life and Death in the Northern Pass

With the right kindling, one idea can set the world on fire. This concept motivates photojournalist Dominic Bracco II. The former Shorthorn photographer has documented the horrors of Mexico’s drug war through images of violence and its aftermath, as well as grieving families and tender scenes of day-to-day urban life. “I feel I have an obligation to produce work that will hopefully educate and evoke […]

African-American Quilting Traditions

The tapestry of art is woven with history, a fact that Sedrick Huckaby celebrates in his own art, which is inspired by his family, faith, and heritage. Huckaby’s canvases and works on paper depicting African-American quilting traditions recently were part of a two-person show at The Gallery at UT Arlington. “Sometimes I see the quilts as the African-American woman’s jazz—a circle of women conversing, improvising, […]

Blackbird Speaking

Inspiration comes in many forms and from the unlikeliest of places. For art Associate Professor Andrew Ortiz, the inspiration for his recent Semana de Cultura exhibit, Blackbird Speaking, sprang from a “conversation” with a murder of crows perched on telephone wires. “They complained loudly at me, so I, being strongly influenced by magical realism and the belief that they were speaking to me, answered back,” […]

Golf Course Art

Local golfers saw more than greens and fairways last summer as Lake Arlington Golf Course displayed 13 sculptures by UT Arlington students. Plane Air was the brainchild of sculpture Assistant Professor Darryl Lauster, who approached course officials with the idea of putting an exhibit in an unexpected place. The works were created by students in Lauster’s 3-D Forms and Intermedia classes (intermedia works use less […]