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Catering in College Park District Catering in College Park District

Selecting the right catering to please tens or hundreds of guests is hard, so stop trying!  Take advantage of on-campus restaurants in College Park by giving your guests the opportunity to choose where to dine while your department covers the cost.  You no longer need to order the same meal for all of your guests!  In 3 easy steps, you can pick your menu and price, customize the coupons your patrons will "pay" with, and then collect and pay the invoice after the event. 

How It Works

First, submit the form below to select a pre-negotiated menu.  Each restaurant has put together a discounted menu for you to select from.  Next, we collect your information, design a business card coupon and have it delivered to your office before the event.  You can distribute these coupons to your patrons, who will use it as a form of payment during their meal.  The restaurants collect and count the cards redeemed at their store. Immediately after the event, your respresentative will visit each restaurant to complete our custom invoice and process payment through normal university invoicing protocols.  College Park then completes an Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) to your account for the cost of printing the business cards. You're then done with your catering order and free to focus on your other event priorities!

At this point, group dine-in catering is only available for UT Arlington.

Guest Feedback

Recent event feedback revealed a 97% satisfaction level when asked "How satisfied were you with having multiple dining options in the College Park District for lunch?"

When 330 guests were given 90 minutes for lunch, 82% of respondents said "the time allotted for lunch" was good.

What will your guests say?

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