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Office of the President - UT Arlington


June 17, 2014


Dear Colleagues:

The University of Texas at Arlington is dedicated to guaranteeing our readiness for emergencies, as well as ensuring our ability to continue to provide services in the aftermath of such an event. Business continuity planning is an essential element of emergency preparedness, and each department or unit of the University is required to develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to address the challenges they would encounter in continuing their business operations during or after an emergency. Business operations are applicable to all facets of our operations to include academic, research, and business support functions. Although we hope to never experience an emergency situation, some of our campus community recently faced a variety of challenges after a building fire, when a building flooded, and during a communications outage. If your unit or department experienced a natural, technological, or man-made emergency, are you prepared to or could you continue your business operations both during and after the event? Our University is engaged in continual business continuity planning initiatives to ensure we are all prepared and able to answer this question affirmatively.

Many units and departments throughout the University have worked diligently in preparing and developing their BCPs, and we are grateful for your efforts. In the coming months, members of the Business Continuity Planning team will be contacting the units and departments who have not yet completed their BCPs to assist them with plan requirements, and to answer any questions or assist in any way they can. Your support of and dedication to this initiative is essential to ensure UTA’s ability to serve our campus community given any situation or challenge we encounter.

Please feel free to contact Provost Elsenbaumer, Vice Provost Silva, Police Chief Kim Lemaux, Emergency Management Coordinator Cindy Mohat, or Emergency Management Specialist Peggy Morales with any questions. Thanks to each of you and your departments for your assistance with and continued support of this important program.


Ron Elsenbaumer

Vistasp Karbhari




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