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Office of the President, UTA



May 6, 2021

Dear UTA Students, Faculty and Staff,

Today the University of Texas System Board of Regents voted to approve changing the name of UTA’s Davis Hall to the University Administration Building. The building’s former namesake was E.E. Davis, who from 1925-46 served as dean of North Texas Agricultural College.

This development is the result of more than a year of thoughtful work from UTA students, faculty and staff. UTA’s Student Congress set this process in motion when it passed a resolution in April 2020 recommending the renaming of the building. As a result of the Student Congress’ resolution, I subsequently appointed a task force composed of faculty, staff and students to review the resolution.

The task force’s research of archives and other published documents revealed that Dr. Davis publicly advocated for the sterilization of the disabled, segregation based on race and social status and the adoption of eugenics. The task force understandably determined that these ideas do not represent the values of UTA today and are not reflective of our richly diverse community. Accordingly, the task force unanimously concluded that his name should not be memorialized on a UTA building, supported the resolution and recommended the removal of E.E. Davis’ name from the building.

I concurred with the task force’s recommendations and then forwarded the resolution and proposed name change to the University of Texas System for consideration, as UT System Board of Regents rules stipulate that the naming and renaming of campus buildings must be reviewed and approved by the Board.

Chancellor James B. Milliken presented the recommendation to the Board of Regents, which voted unanimously to change the building’s name to University Administration Building.

I first want to thank the UTA Student Congress for its thoughtful work behind the resolution and desire to make positive change. I also want to thank the students, faculty and staff of the task force for their diligence in subsequently studying the issue on behalf of our University.

Finally, I am grateful to Chancellor Milliken and the Board of Regents for their sincere consideration of the voice and perspective of our campus community and support of this change.

The name change of this building is effective immediately. We will soon begin the process to reflect this change on our campus maps, website and the building itself.

I share with you a deep love for UTA. This change was not considered hastily or without substantial forethought. I join with those who believe this important decision will better reflect the values of the Maverick community and enable us to make UTA a much stronger institution for all.


Teik C. Lim, Ph.D.
Interim President




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