Thursday, April 18, 2019
texas capital-money bag

Texas Senate OKs $248 billion budget

The two-year spending plan includes $2.7 billion for property tax relief. However, with seven weeks left in the 2019 legislative session, the upper chamber has yet to rally behind a way to spend those funds.


UTA, North Texas universities gain funding boosts in proposed budget

Fast-growing, four-year public institutions such as UTA would see a substantial increase in formula funding under the Senate plan.

texas teacher retirement system

Senate advances bill to shore up teacher pension fund

The bill would increase contributions to the fund from state, school districts, and teachers and provide a one-time additional check for retirees.

police hiring

Win-win deal for would-be cops, cities that need them

Texas lawmakers want to offer student debt relief to attract more recruits to struggling police departments.

sales receipt

Will sales tax increase ease property owners' plight?

A proposed bill would increase the sales tax by 1 percent to help lower property taxes.

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