Legislative Update
Tuesday, May 14, 2019


With less than two weeks left in the 86th Legislative Session, House Bill 1—the only bill the state is required to pass—is in Conference Committee, where five appointed members of the Senate and five of the House work out the differences in the state budget. The leadership should have a final budget in the third week of May.

House Bill 2000, which contains the capital construction projects for college campuses, including two UTA projects, still awaits action by the Senate Higher Education Committee. The Senate committee has until Saturday, May 18, to vote the bill out of committee.

Senate Bill 25, which regards the transfer of credits between higher education institutions, is still being negotiated in the House. If it moves forward, it must do so by May 18 as well.

There are still a number of bills moving through the process, and we are working to ensure they are beneficial to the mission of UTA and our students.

Thank you for your dedication to UTA, and Go Mavs!

UTA Government Relations

school finance

Texas Senate approves school finance reform bill without sales tax

Legislators need to negotiate details for teachers pay raises, adjusting standardized test taking, and providing long-term property tax relief for Texans.

confederate statue

Confederate monument debate continues

In a party-line vote, the Texas Senate advanced a bill that would make it more difficult for cities and state agencies to remove or alter historical markers.


Prospects bright for research initiative funding

The House and Senate have different formulas to pay for the Governor’s University Research Initiative.


Parties conflicted on student aid spending

Democrats proposed increases for Pell Grants, work-study, and direct aid to colleges, but Republicans balked at the price tag.


Electric scooters may be kicked off Texas sidewalks

A Texas Senate bill adds several restrictions on the popular, but controversial, transportation.

Appointed positions

The Office of the Governor is always looking for people to apply to various boards, including higher education. If you need assistance in applying, please contact Jeff Jeter at jeter@uta.edu. See a full list of available positions.

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