Legislative Update
Monday, July 19, 2021


Soon after the conclusion of the regular legislative session, Gov. Greg Abbott called members of the Texas Legislature back to Austin for what may be the first of many special sessions. Voting restrictions, critical race theory, and rules for transgender athletes are on the special session agenda. Article “Special 101” gives a Q&A to help navigate the special session.

Gov. Abbott also is encouraging the construction of more power plants to bolster the Texas power grid. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar releases the newest budget estimate projecting a positive ending balance for the state. Jane Nelson, UTA alumnus, longtime member of the Texas Senate, and chair of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, is vacating her seat, and GOP Rep. Tan Parker hopes to replace her. Texas Democrats look forward to the 2022 election cycle, in which they hope their recent quorum break to D.C. related to proposed voting restrictions will help flip seats.

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Exterior of Texas Capitol

Special session

Voting restrictions, critical race theory, and rules for transgender student athletes on special legislative session agenda.

Seats at Texas House

Special 101

What you should know about the special legislative session.


Culture war

The fight over critical race theory and how to teach history is thriving in Texas.

Wind mills in West Texas

Power play

Electricity regulators encouraged to build more power plants.

Tan Parker

Senate District 12

GOP Rep. Tan Parker to seek Senate seat being vacated by UTA alumnus Jane Nelson.

Royce West and Texas Democrats

Losing battle?

Texas Democrats hope quorum break is key moment in voting rights fight, 2022 election.

Letter of word Budget look like they are cut from a $1 bill.

Fiscal 2022-23

Texas Comptroller releases revenue estimate, projects ending balance of $7.85 billion.

STEM teacher


To build a STEM workforce, we must invest in education science.

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