Wednesday, April 15, 2020
William Beksi

Sensing robots

William Beksi, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, is investigating how to effectively process 3D point cloud data captured from low-cost sensors—information that robots could use to facilitate intelligent tasks in complex scenarios. Dr. Beksi’s work is funded with a two-year, $175,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

Maverick Heroes

Front-line Mavericks

Among the 230,000 UTA alumni and 60,000-plus students, staff, and faculty are thousands of Maverick heroes providing essential support and care to their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. From a UTA freshman to veteran, front-line nurses, Mavericks are making a difference.

Take survey on remote teaching

UTA is working to provide the necessary training and applications to support the successful instruction of academic courses through online platforms. Faculty feedback is invaluable as UTA continues to develop necessary resources and make adjustments to existing resources to maximize effectiveness and our collective success.

Please take a survey to help the University assess our remote teaching capabilities and support services.

Library learning online

UTA Libraries is hosting virtual events. Check out the Experiential Learning & Outreach series on Facebook to find out more.

Movin’ Mavs interrupted

The undefeated Movin' Mavs were poised to claim a ninth national championship. Then COVID-19 arrived. Read more about the team's interrupted season.

Planetarium Star Talks

UTA Planetarium offers livestreamed Star Talks starting at 1 p.m. Thursday, April 16.

Policy updates

UTA procedures HR-E-PR32 Hiring Temporary Nonimmigrants and HR-E-PR31 U.S. Permanent Residency have been updated on eligibility for sponsorships, hiring temporary nonimmigrants, and associated fees.

Thank you, dispatchers!

UTA appreciates the important work of its professional police dispatchers, who are the first first responders. This is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

May events canceled; plan to reschedule

UT Arlington is canceling all events on campus in May, including high school graduations at College Park Center, in accordance with local, regional, and national health guidelines.

When possible, the University is working with organizers to reschedule their events at later dates.

Moving forward, UTA officials are planning to issue cancellation decisions by the first day of the month prior to when the event is scheduled. For example, the University plans to make decisions on June events by May 1.

Please reach out to your UTA contact if there are questions or there is a need to reschedule.

Virtual Happenings
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