Monday, June 1, 2020

Efficiency, budgets, and Tier 1 during pandemic

Interim President Teik Lim reviewed steps to increase efficiency, reduce budgets, and continue UTA's progress toward achieving Texas Tier 1. The cost containment measures are necessary given the impacts of COVID-19 on the state and University’s financial situations.

Face masks available

Reusable, washable fabric face masks are available for UTA departments while disposable, 3-ply, pleated ear-loop face masks are available for research groups through UTA’s Environmental Health and Safety Department. Submit a request form for your department or lab.

Reusable, washable fabric face masks for individuals are available at Central Library and the Information Desk at the University Center.

Kamesh Subbarao

Professor honored as RAeS fellow

The Royal Aeronautical Society has elected Kamesh Subbarao, professor of aerospace engineering, as a fellow. He is a researcher in the Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory.

Drs. Lewis, Kim, Davoud

Better performance of autonomous vehicles

A trio of electrical engineering faculty members has received a grant to improve control of networked convoys that include autonomous vehicles and those operated by humans.

George Alexandraski

Nanosensors used to study proteins in blood

George Alexandrakis, associate professor of bioengineering, will use nanotechnology to detect defective iron-carrying proteins in a patient’s blood, which could help explain why these patients have anemia.

Piya Ghose

Cancer researcher establishes new lab

Piya Ghose, assistant professor of biology, joined UTA in January as an emerging leader in cancer biology and investigations into cell death, which relates to cancer treatment.

UTA phone via Teams

Use your UTA phone number through Microsoft Teams to conduct University business instead of your personal phone.

Involvement, resource fairs

Sign up by Friday, June 5, to participate in the summer Involvement and Resource Fairs during New Maverick Orientation. Host a live Zoom event or upload a video. For questions, email

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