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Thursday, July 25, 2019
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Our focus at The University of Texas at Arlington is on ensuring that we provide transformative educational experiences to our students while simultaneously having a profound impact on the communities we serve. Our online programs ensure that students across our State are able to access the very best education unconstrained by barriers of time, space, and location, and we are proud that these are being acknowledged as among the best return on investment nationally, just as we are that our College of Education was named one of the best teacher prep programs in the nation through an exacting review by the National Council on Teacher Quality. From improving flood control measures in Texas, and creating a vision for the Fort Worth Medical Innovation District, to partnering with the Department of Defense in developing longwave infrared photonic devices and bringing online a unique hypersonic arc-heated wind tunnel, our faculty, staff, and students are at the cutting edge, developing bold solutions that have local and global impact. I hope the examples of the work being done give you a glimpse of the dynamic environment that defines UTA, an institution where current and future issues of import are addressed today—and every day!

I invite you to contact me, and visit us, to learn more about how we are enabling the future—today.

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Vistasp M. Karbhari
UTA President


UTA improving flood control systems in Texas.

Engineer showing the inside of the hypersonic wind tunnel to UTA President Vistasp Karbhari and others.

UTA unveils first university-based hypersonic arc-heated wind tunnel in the U.S.

apple on textbook by compuer

College of Education named one of the nation's top teacher ed programs.

Drawing of a hand holding a coin and two other hands offering a large stack of paper money.

UTA named best return on investment for online students, according to College Consensus.

red laser beam with spark on end

UTA and Army Research Laboratory developing longwave infared photonic device technology.

Aerial photograph of the Fort Worth Medical Innovation District

UTA’s urban studies expert creating vision for Fort Worth Medical Innovation District.

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