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SEIR Building

Faculty Rounds

Health care’s new center of research

Late last fall, UTA began construction on a 220,000- square-foot, glass-and-steel building on the southern edge of campus. The building will be a cornerstone of the University's research efforts to advance health and the human condition, one of the core themes of UTA's Strategic Plan 2020: Bold Solutions | Global Impact.

The Science and Engineering Innovation and Research (SEIR) building symbolizes a new chapter in the history of both the College of Nursing and Health Innovation and the University, which has recently joined the elite ranks of the nation's top research universities.

Within this building, research scientists from various disciplines throughout the University will work together on a broad spectrum of health care research projects.

"By working side by side in this amazing collaborative facility with scholars from other backgrounds, our faculty will be even better positioned to take gigantic strides in advancing health care," says Duane Dimos, UTA's vice president for research.