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Field Trip Request


Format: 'xxx-xxx-xxxx optional extension'.


The dome has seats for 150 people and an additional 5 ADA handicapped spaces.

A minimum of 15 students is required. The overall maximum seating in the Dome is 150 including students, teachers, chaperones, and others.


A standard field trip lasts one hour and includes Texas Stargazing, Q&A, a virtual roller coaster ride, and one pre-recorded show. This can be customized by removing items or by adding up to two additional pre-recorded shows. Total field trip length and cost will vary in those cases. Two shows typically run 1.5 hours and three shows typically run 2 hours. For explanation and caculation of costs, see below.

A live presentation of tonight's sky and celestial objects of interest. Indicate topics to cover or avoid in the comments section below.

Live questions and answers.

A 2-minute, pre-recorded fun roller coaster ride.

If adding an additional show, we highly recommend choosing "Extended Star Talk" as your secondary show.

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Available Times for Saturday, September 24, 2022 (2 Shows)

08:00 AM -- 09:30 AM08:30 AM -- 10:00 AM09:00 AM -- 10:30 AM
09:30 AM -- 11:00 AM  

Available Times for Saturday, September 24, 2022 (3 Shows)

08:00 AM -- 10:00 AM08:30 AM -- 10:30 AM09:00 AM -- 11:00 AM

Available Times for Friday, September 30, 2022 (3 Shows)

08:00 AM -- 10:00 AM11:00 AM -- 01:00 PM11:30 AM -- 01:30 PM
12:00 PM -- 02:00 PM  

One or more shows must be selected before selecting a date and time.


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Experience an exciting, interactive one-hour science presentation before or after your UTA Planetarium show!

The UTA Science Ambassadors are a group of advanced undergraduate science majors who present science shows to school groups (grades 3-12) visiting UTA. A typical show includes 10-12 chemistry and physics demonstrations such as:

  • Breaking down styrofoam cups to demonstrate lab safety
  • Inflating a balloon using dry ice
  • Making elephant toothpaste
  • Burning money (apparently)
  • Using liquid nitrogen to contract balloons
  • Freezing and shattering flowers

The Science Ambassdors will contact you separately to schedule your show.


Our field trip rate is $6.00 per student with a minimum of 15 students or $90. Adding a second or third pre-recorded show adds $4.00 per student for each additional show.

Teachers chaperoning the field trip are free, but additional adults or children are $6.00 each. Adding a second or third pre-recorded show adds $4.00 for each additional adult or child for each additional show. The Calculate button below figures out the math for you!

This calculates estimated cost based on attendance and our current rates with a minimum of 15 students. This is not necessarily the final cost and does not include the Science Ambassadors Show, if selected.


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